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More books authored by
William Holland

Louis Icart: The Complete Etchings
Sept, 2015: FIFTH edition. 16 more pages, 48 more pictures. New chapter on oil paintings. New cover.

The Collectible Maxfield Parrish
(800 color pictures)

Louis Icart: Erotica

(the only book on the naughty
little etchings by Icart)

Other Tiffany & Icart Books for sale
Get to know
William Holland

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Information and Appraisals:

I have found that information obtained for free is usually worth what you paid for it: NOTHING. Many times you'll only get information that is self-serving to the dealer.  Accurate information based on years of knowledge is valuable. An item that you think is worth $500 may be worth $5000. Conversely, you may be asking $1000 for a $25 repro. If you really want to know, pay an expert to appraise or evaluate it.  Disseminating information takes time and you must be willing to pay the expert for his time. My fees are very reasonable, starting at $50. Email your specific request and I will quote the fee involved.


Before you Buy Icart, Please Read:

Almost all of the etchings that I sell have been cleaned, at a cost of $300-375. They are loose, perfect sheets with excellent color. I assume all of the risk and expense involved in this conservation process. They look very different from the dull and dirty etchings that just came out of grandma's attic and are in better condition than the many “scratch & dent” specials that you find at live and internet auctions.

If the etching comes through the process without problems, then I offer it for sale to my clients. Pieces that do not come out perfectly or that need restoration are consigned to auction or sold to “scratch & dent” dealers.

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Authentic ''windmill'' seal used by Icart on most [but not all] etchings from 1926-1950


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 Meanwhile, some of my inventory is still available at Renninger's Antique Market on Sunday only, 8 AM-4 PM

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years at the same location & 20 years on the internet

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William Holland
3642 Savannah Hwy
Suite 116, #207
Charleston/Johns Island, SC 29455
(this address is for mail & parcels only)
Tel: 1.610.470.5925
The 1554 Paoli Pike, West Chester, PA 19380 address is still being checked for deliveries & mail
e-mail: bill@hollandarts.com
My Latest Book
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"It is thoughtfully executed & presented for easy enjoyment & education of the reader." --West Coast Peddler
Free book updates at:
Desk Set Book Updates

MANY E-M Calendars & Better Art Prints

Boudoir Art
by Wm. Ablett & other Deco artists

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Icart REPRO poster prints
from $20
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R. Atkinson Fox & Other Artists
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Other Nouveau Items

Edouard Gilles Vase

Kayserzinn fancy bowl

Antique Show Schedule

Certificates of Authenticity
As the author of two books on Louis Icart, the advisor to Schroeder’s Antiques Price Guide for 17 years and a contributor to various antiques magazines, I offer you my Certificate of Authenticity as an expert on the famous French artist, Louis Icart. Any person or gallery can offer a certificate attesting to an item’s authenticity and/or value. The key is getting a certificate from someone who is a recognized authority on the artwork that you have purchased. Otherwise it may be just plain worthless

Buy with Confidence.
Why should I buy from hollandarts.com?
Here is MY guarantee
: "I guarantee the authenticity, age, and condition of everything that I sell. If you are unhappy for any reason, return the item in its original condition for a full refund, minus shipping costs. CLICK HERE for time limits and details"
Here is Ebay's guarantee
: "We are just a venue." Caveat Emptor!
Here is a large auction house's guarantee: "
All lots are sold "AS IS" and neither the auction house nor the consignor will be responsible for the correctness of description, genuineness, authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin, condition or authenticity of any lot sold..."
EMAIL PROBLEMS:  I have a spam blocker which flags some words, especially from Hotmail & AOL.  Please DON'T leave the subject line BLANK. This created problems.  I respond to every email within 48 hours. If you don't receive a reply, try again or try sending from a different address.

Now Available
My Latest Book

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"...a worthy addition for any reference library." --The Newtown Bee.
"It is thoughtfully executed & presented for easy enjoyment & education of the reader." --West Coast Peddler
...does a masterful job of presenting & detailing those delightful treasures." --Robert Reed, Antique and Collectible News Service
Free additions & corrections at: DeskSetBookUpdates

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Here's an independent site that identifies some of the fakes on ebay: www.TiffanyFakes.com
E-mail William Holland at:

Solid Bronze Art Nouveau Numbers (NEW) . 4" high. $18 each, 3 for $50, 4 for $65 plus $5 shipping. Polished solid bronze (goldish) color
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Drilled for easy application.
Shipping & Insurance Rates: To simplify matters, I have opted to use a flat rate shipping chart. Some may pay a little too much and some will get a bargain. 

Desk Pieces: $25/order: Ground rate.
Unframed Icart Etchings:
$25/order. Ground rate.
Framed Icart Etchings: TBD.
Framed or unframed Erotica:
Repro Prints:
FREE: 1st Class Mail
Unframed Parrish Art:
Framed Parrish Art: TBD

Lamps, Glass or Oversized Framed Pieces: TBD.
Book prices INCLUDE USPS "media mail" shipping. They are sent separately.   Allow about 7 work days for book delivery.
Email for rates, if you desire faster delivery.
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Genuine Louis Icart Etchings: Over 100  etchings for sale
Icart Repro Prints: from $20
Maxfield Parrish: Art Prints, Calendars & more
Tiffany Desk Sets (Inkwells, frames, etc.)
Art Glass & Tiffany Lamps: Genuine & Guaranteed
Icart Erotic Etchings: over 175 scanned  pictures
Boudoir Art:  by other deco artists

*My mailing and shipping address is a UPS store, for now. All packages will be signed for upon delivery. The address is somewhat complicated with the UPS store being SUITE 116 in a shopping center. My postal box is #207 in the store. The city is Charleston, but the ZIP shows up as Johns Island on some databases. As long as you use 29455 as the zip code, your mail will get to me with either Charleston or Johns Island as the city.

Copyright 1984-2016 by William R. Holland.
All rights reserved.

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Art Deco fixture & shades

Muller Freres PAIR of wall sconces

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^Pine Needle
Desk Pieces in PATINA^

^Pine Needle Desk Pieces in GOLD^

^Grapevine Desk Pieces in PATINA^

^Grapevine Desk Pieces in GOLD^

^Zodiac Desk Pieces^

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^Venetian Desk Pieces^

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^Modeled Desk Pieces^

Adam Desk Pieces
Am Indian Desk Pieces
Bookmark Desk Pieces
Byzantine Desk Pieces
Graduate Desk Pieces
Heraldic Desk Pieces
Etched Crosier Desk Pieces



R. Atkinson Fox & Other Artists
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Valuable Information



Procedures & Policies:
PayPalnewlogo.gif (1050 bytes) NO AMEX
: To pay for an item using PayPal, simply log onto www.paypal.com and then click SEND MONEY. Fill in my email address as the RECIPIENT and the amount of the transfer. You are buying GOODS (not ebay). Be sure to note the item that you are buying under COMMENTS and your UPS shipping address. If it is a partial payment, note that also. On high-valued items and foreign sales, please call or email first. Some restrictions apply.
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CREDIT CARDS: I now accept direct credit card payments. (Some restrictions apply). You can either either email or call me at 610-470-5925. I need 4 bits of information:
1. Credit card number
2. Expiration date
3. Card verification number [A 3 digit number on the back located in the white strip.]
4. Your name on the card & billing zip code
Click for more details.
Layaway Terms: $200 or 20% down, whichever is greater. No interest charges. Take up to 6 months to pay it off.  $200 penalty per item or 30% of the item's cost (whichever is greater), per item,  if you cancel. No activity or payment for a 2 month period will be considered a cancellation. Items under $500 can be held for $100 down. Click for more details.
Return policy: Contact me within 3 days of receiving the merchandise: full refund, minus any non-reimbursed bank or PayPal fees and shipping/insurance charges both ways. Click for more details.
Other INFO: Sales tax must be paid on all orders picked up in or shipped to PA, unless an exemption form is sent to me. The tax rate is 6%. NO sales tax on orders shipped to other states. Click for more details.
"Hold"Policy: Most pieces can be held for 12 hours, especially for regular clients. There are exceptions. Deposit MUST be received within 6 calendar days or the item will be taken off hold. "Let me think about it," is not the same thing as a hold. Pieces that are marked "hold" for long periods are layaway pieces with paid deposits.  Click for more details.

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