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2.5" diameter at top, 2.25" tall Inkwell clear glass liner for most large Tiffany inkwells
Exact size repro well insert is pictured on the left. An original with chip is on the right for comparison. FOR SALE IS THE UNDAMAGED REPRO ONLY. $135. Free shipping
1.5 diameter, 1.25" tall Original clear glass inkwell insert
Fits most small Tiffany inkwells. Not for those few inkwells with tapered metal sleeves. $30+$4 shipping
5x2" ORIGINAL celluloid insert for Tiffany Pine Needle and Grapevine LARGE parcel scales
Tiffany postal and parcel scale celluloid
Left picture fits the Parcel scale. Right picture is shown for size comparison
NOT REPRO. The Parcel scale was produced only in Pine Needle and Grapevine patterns. Minor wear as shown. $225. Free shipping.
2.5x1" ORIGINAL celluloid inserts for most Tiffany postal scales
tiffany postal scale celluloid

3 to choose from.



$125 Right
 Free shipping
1.5x1.5" NEW Brush for pen wipes
New custom pen brush fits most Tiffany pattern pen wipes with 1.5" diameter hole. Shown loose and installed in a Pine Needle pen wipe. They are slightly taller than the original brushes and can be easily trimmed if you prefer a specific height. Brush is FLAT on top. Pine Needle pen wipe not included.

$75+$4 shipping

3/4x1" NEW Brush for pen wipes
New custom pen brush fits most Tiffany pattern pen wipes with 3/4" diameter hole, like the solid metal Pine Needle and Grapevine urn shaped pen wipes. Brush is FLAT on top as in the picture of it installed in the urn. Urn pen wipe not included. $75+$4 shipping
. Original standard size sockets--Bryant, Weber, Perkins and GE (with the round logo)
weber tiffany socket
perkins tiffany socketGE logo tiffany socket

Fully functional sockets for most Tiffany table lamp bases. Tiffany used  Weber, Perkins, GE and Bryant sockets in his electric lamps. The socket manufacturers supplied them to other lamp makers at the time, which is where I got these. These sockets are identical in age, construction and operation. The housings are tarnished brass, which may need to be colored to match the lamp base. The sockets pictured are all standard size. $99 each +$4 shipping, per order


This is what to expect when the calendar inserts are installed in the frame: Generally frayed edges will be hidden by the sides and bottom of the frame and stains will be less noticeable. There are color variations in the individual inserts due to irregular fading over time. All are on heavy stock paper and are original to the Tiffany frames, not later adaptations. All are two-sided and the 'hidden' side is similar in condition to the side that is pictured. Measurements vary slightly. BELOW ARE THE SPECIFIC INSERTS FOR SALE.

Example showing an example of a half-moon stain and creasing
. Four complete sets in different sizes
These are all complete sets with all pages needed to display the current date on your perpetual calendar. There is wear, worn edges and occasional discoloration and staining. They are in remarkably good condition after 100 years of use and storage.

Upper Left: 5 x 3 1/2". Half-moon shaped 2" wide, 3/8" tall stain at top center of April. Minor discoloration, top center, on December and very minor discoloration on two other months. The cardboard is sturdy with almost no wear to the edges. Score B+
Upper Right: 5 1/4 x 4 1/4". Minor wear. One notch out of a top corner of a number page. Otherwise near mint paper and ink. Score: A
Lower Left: 3 1/2 x 2 1/2". SOLD
Lower Right: For flat ''paperweight'' calendar. 3 x 2 ". SOLD
UL: $175
UR: $250
5 1/4 x 4 1/4" ORIGINAL month and day inserts for perpetual calendar

NOTE: when installed in the frame, the pieces missing from the month of May, blend into the page behind it.
Stains and wear on edges as shown. missing sections in one insert as shown--see NOTE. $135
5x3 1/2" ORIGINAL month and day inserts for perpetual calendar
Stains and wear on edges as shown. There is NO GRAY STAIN on MAY/JUNE--it is a shadow. One number insert taped together and missing sections as shown--see NOTE in previous listing on how this is minimized when installed in the frame. $125
5x3 1/2" ORIGINAL month and day inserts for perpetual calendar
Real nice set. minor discoloration. Writing on JUNE as shown. Colors match closer than they look in the picture. $225

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