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Private Icart Buyer's Guide:
There are many Icart listings on ebay. Can you identify the ones that are either misrepresented, vague or have a misleading "positive spin" in their descriptions. Do you know how to identify the genuine seals and ink stamps that Icart used vs. the new phony ones? I hope you can also spot the repro prints that have been artificially aged and the "authentic lithographs" complete with certificates of authenticity.  How about Icart watercolors? Have you ever seen a real one?  I have had two emails from people who purchased "Icart" bronzes. I can help. I am also getting queries about "mint condition prints", which are nothing more than xerox copies or inkjet [giclee] printed images. Most are 8x11" or smaller.

My Buyer's Guide will save you money. Every day I receive praise for the information that I have offered on my "Buyer Beware" pages. As a specialist in Tiffany, Icart and Parrish for more than 19 years, I have learned a lot.

This page began as a free informational page to help out my collector and dealer friends. I now receive 5-10 emails a day requesting free appraisals & authentication, or my opinions on the value of specific ebay listings or items being sold by others.

Regretfully, I must begin charging for my knowledge and information. This page will remain as a reminder that there are some sellers, especially on Ebay, who are not honest.

If you purchase the webpage: ICART Private Buyer's Guide, you will receive access to my private webpage with detailed information on each topic. The webpage will be updated as needed at no addition cost to you. You can access it as often as you like.

Your subscription to the private web page is good for as long as I continue to do it. Hopefully, this will be for a long, long time. SUBSCRIBERS: If you ever have trouble accessing it, please email me.
(The PayPal link says "5 year subscription", since I had to put a number into their payment system).

The cost is $27 by check or click the button to use your credit card.
IMPORTANT: I do NOT have an automated confirmation response to your order.
I will send you an email, usually within 48 hours acknowledging your order.
Check my homepage for show or vacation schedule which may delay your order.

To order simply send your check for $27 to the address above OR transfer $27 through PayPal to my email address.
No refunds.

Included in the BUYER'S GUIDE:

Pictures of the PHONY windmill seals and other bogus markings
"Buyer Beware" updates
And the following chapters, with illustrations:
1.Limited Edition reprints at auction and elsewhere 
2. COLOR "XEROX" PRINTS at auction and elsewhere
3. Altered reproduction prints at auction and elsewhere
4. Why do I see different prices for the same etching?  
5. The embossed "windmill" seal is reborn
7. "Morris & Bendien, New York" & other OLD lithographs
8. Icart "Erotica" & Le Jardin Japonais
9. Copyright dates--the repros have them too
10. Edition sizes and other pencil notations on Icart's etchings
11. Icart figurines
12. Icart watercolors
13. Icart pseudonyms
14. Icart "etchings" on white plastic
15. How can I find out what my Icart etching is worth?
16. Icart bronzes at auction and elsewhere
17. Icart "Iris Giclees" prints
DISCLAIMER: This information is based on 19 years of experience as a specialist in buying and selling the artwork and associated articles by Louis Icart, Maxfield Parrish, Tiffany Studios and Tiffany Furnaces. However, no one knows it all. Occasionally, an unknown item will surface.. If I generalize, I believe my information is accurate in almost every instance. I am not responsible for the odd, special-order or rare item that does not fit into my classification. BUT, please let common sense prevail: if an item is so unusual or rare that it is not listed in the normal reference material, why would someone choose to sell it on ebay and not at Christie's or Sotheby's? I make judgement calls from photos and descriptions of items on ebay. My assessment is almost always correct. The goal of this guide is to enable you to make the same judgements. If occasionally you or I miss out on a bargain, so be it. I try to err on the side of caution. If there is any doubt in my mind, then I will not bid or buy the item in question. This guide is written with that conservative philosophy in mind.

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