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UPDATED 16 Apr 2024

tiffany zodiac desk set
(Shown to illustrate the pattern. SOME PIECES MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE. See below).

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Tiffany Studios ZODIAC PATTERN

6.75x3x1.5" Rarity 4, long cigarette(?) box
rare tiffany zodiac long box
In bright light
In normal light with some reflection. NO WEAR to patina.
the best patina ever. EX condition. Properly stamped and also with early 5-digit number 11288. Listed in Duncan book as Zodiac metal box. Features all 12 Zodiac signs--8 on the lid and 4 on the box front. EMAIL FOR PRICE 
4.75x7.75" note pad
tiffany studios note pad
EX condition, chocolate brown patina $450 
3x1.75x2.5" postal scale
tiffany studios scale
EX condition, dark brown/green patina. Celluloid in EX condition SOLD 
3.75x2x1" stamp box
zodiac stamp box
EX condition, dark brown/green patina. $260 
4.5x4.5x3.5" ashtray & match holder combo
tiffany studios ashtray
Chocolate brown patina $195 
4x4x2.25" small inkwell
tiffany studios inkwell
EX condition, dark brown/green patina $225 
3.25x3.25x4.25" 4 blotter corners
tiffany studios blotter corners
tiffany studios blotter corners
EX condtion, dark brown/green patina $275 
3x3x2.1/2" pen wipe
tiffany zodiac pen wipe
fantastic red/brown/green patina. shown with replacement brush. available with original brush, also. $425 w/original brush. $300 with the replacement brush.
3.75x2" Paper clip
tiffany zodiac paper clip
near mint condition. rich brown/red patina. slight rub above ram's head. $440


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